Convention Days
A Celebration of Women's Rights in Seneca Falls, NY
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Friday, July 17th, Saturday the 18th
and Sunday the 19th

Convention Days 2015
Seneca Falls, NY

The town of Seneca Falls, NY will be commemorating the 1848 Women’s Rights Convention:

-meet Elizabeth Cady Stanton and her descendant
-kayak the First Annual Convention Paddle
-have your head read by a phrenologist
-hear speakers Nadia Shahram and Daisy Kahn
-tour Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s home
-march in the Women’s Rights procession
-tour local museums
- and attend dinners, receptions, films, and the Side Walk Festival

2015 Schedule of Events


Congratulations to
This year's
Community Service Winner

The Bonafiglia Family

Reception at the Gould Hotel,
Friday, July 17 5:00-6:30PM
Air Conditioned

Previous Community Service Award Winners